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Why Pay More Taxes Than Your Fair Share?

Most home business owners pay way more taxes than they should because they aren’t aware of the thousands of dollars worth of 100% legal deductions for home businesses. Not knowing about these deductions costs the average taxpayer $3000 to $6000 per year in overpaid taxes.

Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY! explains these deductions and how to qualify for them. This easy to read book will guide you step-by-step explain exactly how to qualify for big tax breaks available to home-based business owners and how to keep bullet-proof tax records.

It is the Only Plain English Guide to Home-Based Business Tax Savings.

Author Ronald R. Mueller, MBA, Ph.D., former investigative journalist, spent a full year identifying dozens of deductions passed by Congress for the specific purpose of encouraging home-based businesses. Then he traced each to the precise law, article in the Tax Code, or Tax Court Ruling that authorized it.

But he says the most important aspect of this work was “translating the convoluted language of the Federal Tax Code into ‘plain English’ that the average person can easily understand and quickly use.” His ‘translation’ skills were validated when the IRS, after evaluating the book, didn’t require, or even request, even a single change.


All of us are bombarded every day with people/companies trying to get us to spend our money with them. The difference here is that if you follow Ron’s guidance, you will SAVE money. No matter how much you spend on Ron’s services or products, you will end up saving multiple times the amount that you spent, guaranteed! The more knowledgeable you are about the tax law, the more money you save, and that’s it.

Robert G. Allen, NY Times #1 bestseller, says:

“Everyone with a home-based business needs Ron Mueller’s book. Anyone without a home-based business needs it even more! All of my own businesses are based in my home for the very reasons Ron so clearly describes.”

This book is for YOU, if you are…

  1. Making a profit in your home-based business, or
  2. Not making a Profit in your home-based business, or
  3. Think you can’t afford to get into a home-based business, or
  4. Thinking about quitting your home-based business, or
  5. Heard it before, but need a Refresher, or have no idea what they are.

Get Ron Mueller’s Easy Step-By-Step Guide Now!

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