Home School Business Course For Teens

Why Teach Kids Business?

82% of high school students surveyed said they would like to start a business someday…but less than 50% of them had any idea of where to start.

The average college education costs $100,000! Running a business part time during high school will open doors to scholarships and help earn money for tuition! Recession-proof yourself and your children by teaching them basic entrepreneurial principles in a safe environment . . .with you by their side. It’s why you home school, right?

The Best Time To Start A Home Business Is Now.

Twenty-four Fortune 500 companies have invested $1,000,000 or more EACH into entrepreneurial training programs. Microsoft donated two million dollars to create a state of the art business simulator for entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurship will soon be an essential part of every high school education. This is one of the few entrepreneur courses available right now for those who home school.

This Is One Course You Won’t Have To Tell Them To Work On!

With the Nine-Week Home School Entrepreneur Course, your teen can learn the basics of entrepreneurship, start a business and earn high school credit all at the same time. The typical business textbook focuses on big business principles and corporate strategies that seem very unrealistic to the average teen. Their eyes will light up as they see their idea turn into a small business.

This course has been set-up to make it easy to teach, even if you don’t have any business experience. Here are some of the features of the Nine-Week Home School Entrepreneur Course:

  • How to write a simple business plan from an easy to follow outline
  • How to choose a name that the search engines LOVE
  • How to set your prices
  • Where to find customers
  • How to advertise on a shoestring
  • How to write a basic budget
  • How to know what you need to keep it legal
  • How to set up a simple bookkeeping system
  • How to write a press release announcing your business
  • Where to find suppliers
  • Places to find *FREE* resources like business cards, web sites, and advertising!

The Ability To See An Opportunity Can Be Taught!

“We’re all just one idea away from untold wealth” -Dr. P.E. Humbert

…. But what if you have no idea what to do with that million-dollar idea?

Knowing the basics of how to start a business will give your teen the confidence to know exactly what to do when they see that “once in a lifetime” opportunity before it passes them by!

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