Teach Your Teen How To Start A Business!

Small Business Course For Teens

While many families have a wealth of business experience, it isn’t always easy to teach entrepreneurial principles to their teen. While there are many resources available (business textbooks, online resources, personal experience, etc.) many parents find it hard to know where to start.

The Home School Entrepreneur Course is a logical, step-by-step program that was developed for Home School families but can be used by anyone. The course is set-up as a nine week, Monday-Friday lesson plan, but can easily be modified to fit your family’s schedule. With this course it is easy to teach your teen how to start a business, recognize opportunities in the marketplace, and develop an entrepreneurial mind.

The Best Time To Start A Home Business Is Now.

The average college education costs $100,000! Running a business part time during high school will open doors to scholarships and help earn money for tuition! Recession-proof yourself and your children by teaching them basic entrepreneurial principles.

Why 90% Of New Businesses Fail:

According to the Center for Entrepreneurial Education, the top reasons that 90% of new businesses fail in their first year is poor management and the lack of a thorough business plan. It takes more than some capital and a good idea to have a successful business.

While nine weeks isn’t enough time to teach your teen everything, they will learn the basics that could save them thousands of dollars down the road. Some of the most important things this course teaches are research skills, budgeting, and price setting, and simple bookkeeping.

Entrepreneurial Training Is Emerging As A Critical Element In The Training Of The Next Generation.

Twenty-four Fortune 500 companies have invested $1,000,000 or more EACH into entrepreneurial training programs. Microsoft donated two million dollars to create a state of the art business simulator for entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurship will soon be an essential part of every high school education. This is one of the few courses available right now for those who want to teach these important skills to their children.

The Ability To See An Opportunity Can Be Taught!

“We’re all just one idea away from untold wealth” -Dr. P.E. Humbert

…. But what if you have no idea what to do with that million-dollar idea?

Knowing the basics of how to start a business will give your teen the confidence to know exactly what to do when they see that “once in a lifetime” opportunity before it passes them by!

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